Oh Myyyy Social Media Sweetheart George Takei Finds Success in Funny

  George Takei has built a social media following because his content is worth following. The majority of his posts to Facebook are funny, tongue-in-cheek photos that get shared so often, even if you don’t follow the former Star Trek star,

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Privacy Making a Comeback?

The permanence of print was a selling point and a sticking point in traditional media. Emerging media may be more changeable and forgettable, but it has its own problems. Privacy and lack of, generates big data for marketers. But privacy

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The Selfie: It’s Not All About You Anymore

The selfie, a quick snap of your beautiful face (ok the duck face isn’t beautiful on anyone), has evolved into taking a photo of yourself doing something crazy. There’s a Selfies Olympics where people pose in outlandish ways to pose. But

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Social Media Scores Big with World Cup

When an events such as the FIFA World Cup, happen every four years, we can see how time and technology have changed us. Social media, though extremely popular in 2010, didn’t quite have its bearings as a tool to change the

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Hashtag Activism

It used to be you would have to spread the word about a cause using guerilla tactics like finding similarly minded people at groups that had similar goals. I think they called it networking, the social part was obvious. Today

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Starbucks Uses Social Media to Spread the Word About Scholarships

There’s been a lot of buzz on Facebook and Twitter regarding the recent announcement that Starbucks Corporation will help its “partners” finished their bachelor’s degree. For years Starbucks has been a well, star in deftly using social media to push

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Building a Brand With a Really Cool Website

How many times have you said, “I found this really cool website.” … but what makes it really cool? And more importantly, how does it help a business. Is it the ease of use, what it actually does or that it

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Nick Knows the Power of Marketing to Kids

When does marketing to kids become predatory? Children’s purchasing power is  enormous and can be a tempting prospect for any business. Nickelodeon knows the power of children. The network launched on April 1, 1979 and has become a powerhouse in

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Are You a Digital Native or Digital Immigrant?

Emerging media will soon be a thing of the past as digital natives become the norm. For now, it’s simply a phrase that makes the new and different a little more palatable to the generations whose interactions with media meant turning

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