Nick Knows the Power of Marketing to Kids

When does marketing to kids become predatory?

Children’s purchasing power is  enormous and can be a tempting prospect for any business. Nickelodeon knows the power of children. The network launched on April 1, 1979 and has become a powerhouse in marketing to children. It was among the first networks to launch a website. Today that site offers games, videos, music and an online community for children. If you have kids, then your home has a Nickelodeon someone in it.


Blues Clues.


Big Time Rush.

You can resist all you want. But your children will know Nick and its intoxicating shows.

More than producing programming that leaves children clamoring for more, Nick is connecting the dots between children and their purchasing influence over their parents.

Christian Kurtz writes about the “International GPS: Kids’ Influence,” a study from Nickelodeon that looks at the family dynamics of purchase decisions. 

Key Findings:

Parents and children relationships are closer.

Decisions are made collaboratively.

“A majority of parents seek and consider their kids’ input about purchases: 71% of parents in the U.S. and 94% of parents internationally talk to their kids prior to buying something.”

And children are included in 85 percent of decisions about fast food.

Guess what Nickelodeon refuses to pull from its advertising?

While Disney has agreed to pull junk food promotions from its lineup, Nickelodeon is going ahead. Nickelodeon has done the research, it knows kids are impressionable and they influence 85 percent of the fast food purchasing decisions. It can reap the benefits of being one of the few networks willing to sell junk food to kids. Never mind the childhood obesity epidemic.

Again, when does marketing to children become predatory? When do we stop promoting and start protecting children?


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