Social Media Scores Big with World Cup

When an events such as the FIFA World Cup, happen every four years, we can see how time and technology have changed us. Social media, though extremely popular in 2010, didn’t quite have its bearings as a tool to change the world. The World Cup officially became Facebook’s most talked about event with 1 billion interactions recorded. The Facebook data team breaks down the numbers. If it seems like the World Cup has taken over the world, it has.

Courtesy Facebook Newsroom

Via Sports on Facebook:

Facebook¹s data team looked at the volume of global conversation around Saturday’s Brazil v. Chile Round of 16 match, along with the top social moments, demos, countries, and most-talked-about players.


Globally, more than 31 million people had 75 million Facebook interactions (posts, comments, and likes) related to today’s Round of 16 knockout match between Brazil and Chile.

o This includes more than 11 million people with 30 million interactions in the host country of Brazil.
o The Facebook Men of the Match who received the most global Facebook buzz were: Neymar (BRA) and Alexis Sánchez (CHI)
o For the first time, Chile is in the “Top 5 Countries” ranking.

Top 5 Social Moments:

1. Gonzalo Jara fails to convert his penalty for Chile, hitting the crossbar ­ and sending Brazil through to the quarterfinals
2. Mauricio Pinilla hits the crossbar as extra time is about to expire, nearly winning the match for Chile
3. Neymar buries his penalty kick to give Brazil a 3-2 lead in the shoot-out
4. Julio Cesar makes a brilliant diving save on the penalty attempt by Alexis Sánchez, preserving Brazil¹s 1-0 shoot-out lead
5. Extra time ends with the score tied 1-1, sending the match to a penalty kick shoot-out

Who was talking about the match?

1. Men 18-24
2. Men 25-34
3. Women 18-24
4. Women 25-34
5. Men 35-44

Where were people having conversations about the match?

1. Brazil
2. United States
3. Chile
4. Mexico
5. Indonesia

Top 5 Players for Brazil:

1. Neymar
2. Julio César
3. Hulk
4. David Luiz
5. Fred

Top 5 Players for Chile:

1. Alexis Sánchez
2. Claudio Bravo
3. Mauricio Pinilla
4. Arturo Vidal
5. Gary Medel

Twitter had its own records shattered, when according to the Associated Press, there were more Tweets per minute with the Chile versus Brazil game than with this year’s Super Bowl. Futbol over Football. People tweeted 389,000 times a minute, whereas the  Super Bowl recorded 382,000 tweets, according to the article. This kind of social media frenzy is a real game-changer for marketers. How does a brand or company get in the conversation that is at least for now consuming the world?

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One comment on “Social Media Scores Big with World Cup
  1. llexpress says:

    Personally, I’m always a little leery when it comes to brands jumping into the conversation with real-time marketing for social events like the World Cup. It’s obviously a missed opportunity to stay out of the fray, but it also seems a little “been-there-done-that.” What do you think about the whole KLM airlines tweet? (

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