The Selfie: It’s Not All About You Anymore

Source AdWeek

The selfie, a quick snap of your beautiful face (ok the duck face isn’t beautiful on anyone), has evolved into taking a photo of yourself doing something crazy. There’s a Selfies Olympics where people pose in outlandish ways to pose. But is the selfie a good marketing tool? Yes. GoPro has used one man’s epic selfie to show just what its cameras can capture. There are amazing shots, which demonstrate the product’s capabilities and make the wanderlust in all of us a little bit stronger.

According to the Marketing Cloud Blog from January 2013 to December 2013, the number of brands using selfies on Facebook and Twitter increased from 18 to 390, and selfie contests increased from 265 to 988. Social media is spawning the selfie media, which centers on you, yourself and all about you. It borderlines on another word: selfish.

When does the fascination of ourselves go from self-involvement and customer engagement to self-obsession?

Is there a line in the sand and can you picture yourself crossing it?

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3 comments on “The Selfie: It’s Not All About You Anymore
  1. llexpress says:

    Fun post! The brand selfie seems to me like brands are listening to social buzz to see what’s popular. Remember when everyone was doing the Harlem Shake? Whether they were crowdsourced, or employees participated – everyone was jumping on the band wagon. ( Brands that listen to social buzz are able to relate to what their customers are interested in at the moment and are relatable. Is the selfie overdone at this point? Yes. Will there be another viral trend that brands will eventually jump on? Yes. Why come up with something crazy new and out of the box when you know your customers are already engaged?

  2. I admit the selfie headline did me in and I had to comment! :o)

    I had no idea that the selfie world had taken off like this. I’ve always thought that this marketing tactic was a great one and didn’t understand why more brands didn’t utilize it. What’s better than allowing your followers/consumers to feel as though they are a part of your brand and by giving them a moment of recognition and fame if you will.

    One of the brands that I follow is Quest Nutrition and they do something similar like this with their product. On their social media platforms they encourage their users to post pictures of themselves with their products wherever in the world they may be. The brand then makes collages from these pictures. Some of them are clever and are stuffed animals, pets, people under water, jumping out of planes, and some are just everyday people using their product. I think this does two great things- it always consumers to see the reach that their product has around the world and it also allows them to see all the different categories of users. With a product like Nutrition Bars a lot of users may be turned off thinking that only super fit or fitness industry individuals use them. However, Quest’s promise is that they have created a Nutrition bar for everyone regardless of lifestyle. They meet the needs of the most athletic fitness professional and also the taste buds of the new healthy eater. These selfie assortments further help drive home the companies brand promise. In my opinion, I feel like that’s simply genius. Not to mention that in todays ever growing visual world, a picture is worth a lot more than a few written worlds, and a picture that showcases a happy consumer is worth even more than that.

  3. This was a great post! I also blogged about the emerging “selfie” trend and came to some similar conclusions. I read an article that said how the president of Bryant University was pleading with those graduating a few months ago in May to refrain from taking selfies as they accept their diplomas. With 800 graduates, the ceremony held last year was already an hours-long ordeal for many in attendance. Here is the article:

    Because of social media, people do have a fascination with seeing and being seen. The more people post, the more you can see into their lives, or at least that aspect of their lives. The selfie works well in conjunction with this self-centered mentality in that it is another way to obsessively be seen without any real in-depth contact. There is nothing wrong with a selfie here or there, but I do wonder why some people feel the need for so many continuous selfies on their social media channels.

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