Privacy Making a Comeback?

The permanence of print was a selling point and a sticking point in traditional media. Emerging media may be more changeable and forgettable, but it has its own problems. Privacy and lack of, generates big data for marketers. But privacy apps have allowed people to post anonymously to social media or erases the posts after a certain amount of time. That’s good news for people who don’t want their every word documented for eternity in the ethos. Secret lets you post anonymously and see the secrets of your Facebook friends. Whisper lets people confess things and readers can like and share such gems as “When my phone battery reaches 10 percent, I discover what my real priorities are.”

Revealing everything about yourself online would certainly open up an opportunity for companies to create cloaking apps. But do they really offer anonymity or are they simply an empty promise?

Will privacy ever exist on the internet?

Is it worth our collective privacy to have all of this data?



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