Oh Myyyy Social Media Sweetheart George Takei Finds Success in Funny


Source: Amazon.com

George Takei has built a social media following because his content is worth following. The majority of his posts to Facebook are funny, tongue-in-cheek photos that get shared so often, even if you don’t follow the former Star Trek star, your friends will loop you in.  Takei has more than 7.3 million likes on Facebook since establishing his page in 2011 and for good reason. He knows how to poke fun at himself and others in a lighthearted way. Occasionally he throws a serious post into the mix involving gay rights or injustices. He also has 1.26 million followers on Twitter and is only following 265 people. He joined that network in 2011. People are listening, so how did the 77-year-old become a social media sweetheart?

Takei has a distinct viewpoint and it incorporates what he is passionate about. He is a strong LGBT advocate, he loves his iconic role on Star Trek and believes that humanity connects us all. Well that and humor. He is not afraid to reinvent himself. Emerging media is reinventing itself and the way we communicate. Consumers and businesses must embrace change and not be afraid of boldly going into the future. Do you follow George Takei? I can’t help but chuckle at the grocery store signage blunders. Oh myyy!


A documentary, To Be Takei is in wide release in theaters Aug. 22. Here’s the trailer.

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